I'm Dayna, a Music Marketer, Mentor and Author

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I'm Dayna Young - a seasoned music marketer, mentor, and author with 20+ years of global experience. I've worked in territories across Australia, the UK, Europe, and the US, leading creative teams to success. I've built three thriving three thriving music entities, including Fred & AugustusFANDA and Archery Club (which merged with Select Music in 2013).

My work has been featured in multiple industry publications, and I hold a leadership position in Women in Music's Denver chapter. Through my years of experience, I've learned a thing or two about artist development, marketing, mentoring and building sustainable music businesses. I'm always happy to meet other industry professionals and chat about these topics at large so reach out and let's say hello!



  • Brand Strategy and Brand Planning
  • Competitive and Landscape Analysis
  • Artist Marketing
  • Release Marketing
  • Tour Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Project Management/ Campaign Management

Music Brands

  • Business Consulting
  • Brand Strategy and Brand Planning
  • Go to Market Planning
  • Business Marketing Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Performance Tracking
  • Project Management/ Campaign Management

Indie Labels

  • Business Consulting
  • Brand Strategy and Brand Planning (label and artists)
  • Artist Marketing
  • Release Marketing
  • Label Marketing
  • Marketing Processes & Procedures Consulting
  • Project Management/ Campaign Management

Industries include Music, Entertainment, Non-Profit, Technology, Food and Beverage, E-Commerce, Fashion and Apparel. 

Experience in both B2C and B2B marketing.


Fred & Augustus

Founded by Dayna Young, Fred & Augustus offers strategic music marketing services, and are committed to harnessing the power of art and storytelling.


FANDA is a self-education platform that exists to help talented artists and industry professionals transform their passion into sustainable businesses by providing access to affordable self education tools and resources.

Archery Club

Established in 2010, Archery Club was an Australian based business specializing in talent representation and bookings for electronic artists. In 2013, the business merged with Select Music, Australia's premier talent agency.


View my resume here on Linkedin.

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