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I've overseen production on music content for artists including PhaseOne, We Banjo 3, Mipso, The Chainsmokers, Alison Wonderland and more. Types of videos produced include interviews, song commentaries, trailers, lyric videos, music videos and more.

Here's a playlist of a few of the pieces I've produced.

EDM.com Video Initiative

Executive produced, led go-to-market strategy and product positioning for video content initiative for EDM.com, achieving 4million views on 40 videos for client in 3 months. 

Full showreel here.

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A2 Live Festival Content

Storm Music Festival Australia, promoted by A2Live. Content creation work including TVC, teasers, and full artist announcement. 

Full showreel here.

#storyboarding #lookandfeel #producing 

Corporate Communications

Taking a clear point of view (ASR Companies 'ICare model') and bringing it to life beautifully with strong representation of the brand.

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Brand Communications

Executive produced branded content for FlowState Marketing, including scripting, treatment, pre-production, production and editing approval.

#scripting #branding #treatment #preproduction #production 

Read script here.

Read treatment here.

Product Videos

Belong Designs was born out of the Rocky Mountains and built for modern day adventurers. Offering a variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women, our products feature premium performance fabrics, durable but soft sports apparel, and innovative designs.

We created a series of videos which clearly relayed these unique product benefits to customers.

Watch the entire showreel here.

Read the script for VersaTek here.

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