Video Treatment: FlowState Marketing Brand Communications Videos

Video Treatment: FlowState Marketing Brand Communications Videos

What Makes a Good Brand

Video Name: FlowState Brand Communications Videos - Series

Eg 20 Fonts to Use in Modern Typography or How Brands Make Emotional Connections

Genre: Interview 

Bright, bold colors and graphically strong editing, in an informal and organic feeling interview environment.

Length: 2-3 minutes

Video Style: Subjects on camera answering brief questions in a discussion based format

2 camera filming of subjects in a well lit interview friendly environment. 

  • Camera 1: Sitting in front of colored screens on colored stools
  • Camera 2: Slight angle off to the side, taking in both subjects


  • We’ll incorporate graphical elements such as overlays to deliver a sense of unique look and feel. They should be edited in a bold, fast, colorful and funky fashion. 

Target Audience: Designers, Marketers, Creative Thinkers and Doers.

Video Description:

Interview style video with just two people in the shots. One is the interviewer and the other the interviewee. The interviewer will set up the interviewee to answer questions in a discussion based manner that is direct, concise and yet thought provoking or insightful. 

Visual Elements:

Solid Lighting, 2 camera angle in studio. Interviewer will be on camera asking questions in an informal manner. Both interviewee and interviewer will be sitting in front of bright, bold FlowState backdrops on stools. Camera angle on interviewer should be wide and incorporate interviewee, camera angle on interviewee should be tight and front on.

Audio Elements:

Background music. 

Video Examples

  • Pulling inspiration here in the sense that it feels highly organic..
  • Pulling inspiration here in terms of pacing, interview editing style feeling unique, the subject sitting on a stool and also the graphic overlays that provide a sense of transitions between questions..

Settings & Resources:

  • Warehouse Studio
  • Desk
  • Stools
  • Lights
  • 2 Cameras
  • Boom Mic
  • Script (including Camera shot list)
  • Graphics for editing 


2-3 minute YouTube edit 

2-3 minute Facebook edit

1 min Instagram edit

Watch the video below.

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