Case Study: Proteus Snowboards

Relay a technically advanced concept through easy-to-digest copy and imagery.

Executive Summary

Powder, park, groomers, and ice – the patented Proteus Adjustable Camber System gives every Proteus board the power to adapt to any and all of these dynamic conditions. One board, all-terrains.

The Proteus story starts with their love of riding the mountain in its entirety. It was then brought to life when they decided they no longer wanted to spend the money on individual boards designed for every unique condition or deal with the inconvenience of needing to switch boards for optimal performance. The founders’ engineering backgrounds and obsession with snowboarding led them to seek an alternative to a “quiver” of boards. Through years of rigorous design, testing, refinement, and uncompromising demands, they developed a board that can meet whatever challenges the mountain throws at you.


Believing wholeheartedly in their product, the Proteus team came to us seeking a branding and website strategy for their go-to-market launch. With the patented technology of their Adjustable Camber System being a world-first, they needed straight-forward messaging for an elevated concept which could be easily digested by their audience. In addition to the various UX strategies that the site needed, the Proteus team was looking to be inspired with exceptional design.


With many members of our team being avid snowboarders, we immediately connected with the technology on a personal level. We knew this would be a fun one. We were excited to partner with the Proteus team to create a truly beautiful website and brand experience which was built to perform and crafted to inspire. By connecting with the product, we were able to collaborate with Proteus on how we could best explain the technology. Our ability to create the solution in itself, as well as Proteus knowing that “we got it”, built trust and the foundation for a really great project.

Beginning with discovery, we wanted to learn everything we could about the company and the owners so as to understand how the brand and product could best be introduced to consumers. Being able to make it easily digestible, but also super marketable, was key. We began by helping Proteus to develop their existing brand beginning with redesigning their logo mark. With a freshly updated logo, we expanded into a full, strategic brand identity to be carried throughout the website.

The site’s foundation was built on WordPress and integrated with WooCommerce, but the eCommerce functionalities did not stop there. We collaborated with Proteus to custom develop a detailed product shopping and purchasing experience to accentuate the customizability of the Proteus boards. The product page UI was designed and developed to strategically walk customers through detailed product options without feeling overwhelming or confusing. Not to mention, each board design has multiple colorways to browse, preview, and select.

Aside from the brand design and web development, we created graphics, animations, and executed custom photo and video production. The custom graphics, such as adjustment guides for the Proteus Adjustable Camber System, were essential to very quickly display the versatility of the Proteus technology. In addition, we designed a range of minimalistic and illustrative snowboard designs to serve as the Proteus product line for launch. Lastly, we integrated a thorough SEO strategy to ensure online visibility amongst competitors and specifically for new search terms relevant to the Proteus patented tech.

Proteus boards are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials on the market – no exceptions. Every board comes standard with the best they have to offer for an un-compromised ride and feel. They now have a powerful brand and website built to the same standards in both function and design.

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